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My first writing left teachers in awe
My name is Kawira Baraka, I was born in Meru County and schooled there. I am a farmer and a trained journalist, I love translating materials from English to Swahili and vice versa. My first school language was Ameru which was used until class 3. In class 4, a wooden object was introduced and given to the perfect so that whoever found speaking in Ameru language was given the wooden material, and would be punished at the end of the day. There was an issue! We had spoken in our mother tongue all our lives, how were we going to evade punishment? The whole of that year was much of drama, So I decided to read many English books so that at least I can get to speak a little English.

My dad was a librarian at KNLS Meru, and he would go to work with me on weekends and take me to the children’s books section. I now read because I loved the books not because I wanted to know how to speak in English. What follows, I wrote my first composition which was titled- My Best Friend, my teacher of English was so happy about what I wrote that he took it to the other teachers. I believe that’s when the seed of writing was planted in my life. Throughout my primary school years, my compositions and Insha’s would be read in the staffroom, during parade days, and taken to other classes as examples.

My journey of impediments to publishing
Fast forward to many years later. I visited Kigali-Rwanda and upon my return, I did a story about the genocide, sent it to a Media Station only to find it on the Editorial with no by-word. This discouraged me so much that I stopped writing. My husband kept encouraging me to keep writing but I would keep going back to the discouragement, and so I stopped writing.

In 2013, I was expectant and at 36 weeks we lost our son. I was devastated, frustrated and angry. I didn’t know what to do with my time and I was just there. I remember vividly asking God what He would have me do with the time I was to be with the baby and what should I do for money? And the answer I got was, “write books!” Write books yes! Write books for money? I didn’t get this but I knew my spirit caught it and my mind would follow. I’m not at that place yet, but I stayed in prayer because even though He said it, I wanted to get to a place where my driving force is His leading and not the money. I started writing, and I found that each time I sat, there would be a flow of content hence I wrote about six manuscripts, and I didn’t know what to do with them.

The first manuscript was- my first-born son’s gift on his fifth birthday, and I felt that I needed to share the same with other children. I didn’t know how and when I was introduced to Pastor Vincent he helped me with the first book. It came out through CLC’s Print On Demand in 2017. It is the first of all the titles I have received during prayer, worship, and my travels. I’m grateful to God for connecting me to CLC-KENYA. His plans for me will surely come to pass- a book at a time.

My book is a Children’s Devotional, for ages between 3-12 years. Its title is “My Time with God”. We are working with CLC Kenya to have my book on Amazon and other online sites. I give thanks to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, that He has helped us all this far, and I pray for each one of us that every book that is in the volume of the books in heaven for us to write, that God will help us with everything needed to bring them to reality. May His joy be your strength always.

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