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My name is David A. Mebude, an Apostle by calling and a missionary to African Nations with a mandate to disciple, train and strengthen the Church of God which by His grace we are in Kenya to do, we have been in Kenya for four years now. Am a father of one and husband of One too. A lover of God with a strong teaching grace, I was ordained into full-time ministry in the year 1997.

My writing began when I was ordained as God’s servant
My Journey into writing was born on the day of my ordination while God’s servant Bishop David Oyedepo prayed and anointed me, and said “you are a pencil in God’s hand to write revival, healing, and transformation to the body of Christ” these words stick to my soul for years and I was wondering what to write. My first book “THE BENEFITS OF ENEMIES ” was born from my experience in ministry while I was serving under the ‘Living Faith’, many of the senior pastors just hated me because of the grace of God over my life, my commitment and dedication to the ministry. God told me ” Your antagonist is your helper and those who inflict pain on us only strengthens our nerves”. My second book is one of my best books, titled “My Pain Shall End In Glory” this is a book born out of the afflictions of life. It was born out of my season of pain.

I got married to my first wife on Feb.13, 1999. As a young preacher and serving God, she became pregnant after the marriage and was due in November of that same year but all of a sudden the season started, we lost the baby and almost lost my wife too. Glory be to God as she was discharged from the hospital four months later with the news that she could no longer bear a child, she was so sad and kept asking why should she be alive, and I told her that I didn’t marry her because of just having children and with or without a child love exists. We lived together for thirteen good years after that incident but my wife never gave up the past. The pain of childlessness was strong.

I will not forget one day I was invited to preach in a city in Nigeria call Asaba and on arrival, my host picked me to the hotel to rest before the service began and when we were at the hotel, he asked me about my family and I said fine and he then asked “how many children do you have” and when I said none he got so angry and said “No you can’t preach on my altar” because I didn’t have the testimony of children. He took me back to the airport for the next available plane.

The pain was so strong, I prayed, fasted, sow seeds with a lot of sacrifices but instead of all these to stop the season, my wife died in her sleep on the 12th of November 2012. I lost thirteen good years of my life, I lost my praying partner, I lost it all. I was ready to die too but I don’t want to kill myself but death never came. Rather God spoke to me and said ” son pain is common to life, everyone has their share of it but what happened after the pain is determined by how we all handle that season. That when a woman is pregnant and she is about to deliver, the pain will intensify. At that moment she does not share her pain with friends and family rather she is locked up in the labour room and requires to do only one thing PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens). That Jesus also went through the pain on the cross and he managed it well and today He is sitting in Glory. So I intensify my Prayers. I was 40 years old when I lost my first wife and was advised by the church and family to remarry after two years I had a son. When he was 2years old, God told me to leave Nigeria for Nairobi Mission work, another season of pain began. We knew no one.

The pain I underwent after switching nations
We never knew that a lot of Nigerians who came before me had spoiled the name of my country by their character and attitude. No one was ready to associate or extend the hand of a fellow to us. For a good one year, we had to allow people to study us and see the different Nigerians that we are but that one year was not easy, the pain was serious. If it was only me and my wife that came for the mission, we could adapt but with our son who was just three years old, who does not know what faith is, who does not know there is no money to buy food.

We prayed for helpers of destiny for a long time then God told me I don’t need them because if he allows them to come, they will alter the process he was taking us through and we will have to start all over again. So we started praying for Grace to go through the process.

Friends, it was not an easy process but God was faithful. There are days when we have to decide to fast intentionally not because we wanted to but because the only food available can only carry our son for two days. So my wife and I will survive by water. I can’t forget one day, my wife finished cooking rice and the gas cooker also finished, we ate and slept and then in the morning my son woke up with the cry for food and when my wife went to the kitchen the food was so cold and no gas to warm.

Thank God the house was new and we had not to start paying the electricity bills so I plugged my iron box and put the pot on the hot iron box for one hour to warm for him the food to eat.
During this time, I stumbled on an article online that helped our faith and made us make a decision that our pain shall end in glory.
The article talked about Isaiah 48:10. Talking about God chosen his own people from the furnace of affliction, tilted how God uses our pains and suffering for our glory.

By late 2019, things began to change. We have not seen the full glory yet but we are not where we used to be. Our days of Glory are here.

My Pain Shall End in Glory

Thank you all for taking time to read my story, I pray that every pain we all have passed through or is passing through will end in glory in Jesus name. Your pain shall not end in regret and sorrow. I love you all.

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