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My passion for parenting
My name is Philbert Julai Mdindi. I am a Kenyan by birth and upbringing. I am born again and a disciple of Jesus Christ. I have one wife Christabel and three boys 13, 8, and 4.5 years old respectively and God willing I will be having my fourth born in less than two months. I am very passionate about parenting and my mission is to be a facilitator of transformational conversations among parents, church, social circles to create positive change for everyday living through modeling and teaching Christ-centered principles.

My writing inspired by a friend
I grew up in the village and I got to interact with one of my friends in secondary school who spurred me into writing. I became interested because he told me that it is always good to document my journey. So immediately I was in secondary school I commenced writing about my journey, I had written about the experiences I’ve gone through as a child, I think they are unique to me, one of them being that I had accidentally swallowed a key when I was young and I documented the experience. I continued with authorship while in campus, and by the time I was in my third year, unfortunately, I lost my manuscript drafted on a foolscap, and for many years I would look for it because I had given it my all. I felt like I had lost a part of myself even though I haven’t found it yet to date; however, I’d said at some point I’ll pick it up.

Of course, life would have it that I got distracted along the way, and I stood writing besides picking notes here and there i.e. when the sermons are happening except whenever a topic was more interesting to me, I would take extra time to do more research and do a bit more of writing. At some point, I would do it consistently and lose track along the way, that has been it but ultimately, I decided that it is time for me to put these ideas on paper so that I can be able to leave them out and even my children can read them, that is where the motivation of writing came from and God would put people along the way to help you in the journey.

Currently, I wouldn’t say that my book is available in the stores, if you desire my book, you can inbox me, I will arrange for the book to be delivered anywhere you are, my book costs Kshs 1,000 exclusive of the courier costs to your location. However, if it is close to Westlands Nairobi, I can always organize to deliver it for free.
The challenge for me would be how to reach these bookstores to have the bookselling there, getting the right designer for your cover, or the layout of the book. Even so, I would say this became easy for me because of the guidance I had working with Dr. Geneva, who was our mentor. I did not grapple to have this sorted out because there were contacts available, also contacts of a printer who did my printing work. It has been quite the journey also of understanding the dynamics of publishing a book.

Establishing the Most excellent means to market the book
Regarding marketing the book, I have hired someone to help me with the marketing of the book. I am a marketer, but I am very busy in my place of work and so I chose to work with someone who would help me put a marketing / PR plan together, and I would say that has worked because it has enabled me to have a speaking opportunity interview at KTN for instance. This nomination has come through as a result of that, I have also gotten an opportunity to present my book to several bookstores for stocking, which is an ongoing process.

I am reaching out to the big bookstores like the Text Book center etc., and because of my busy schedule, my PR consultant is assisting me to ensure that we have the proper paperwork so that we can engage with these bookstores to make the book available to many other readers. The other thing that I am also finalizing is preparation for the book to go on Amazon. I have had a hick-up here as it is something that should have happened soon as we published it last year 2020, but it has lingered. It is a domain I am keen to close quite quickly so that the book can be available online, the are many people reaching out to me; friends I have abroad and they want to purchase on Amazon, so this is something I am looking to finish soon.

I am looking forward to interacting with many of the Africana authors, I believe my story resonates with some of them.

Here is where you can find more details about how to get the book.

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