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My career path
My name is Dr. Jebet Naomy Kemboi Olero a mother blessed with four boys, wife, manager, worshipper, songwriter and lover of God. I hold a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies with a specialty in Environmental Health from the University of Eldoret. I have been working at Water Resources Authority for over 20 years and as an Assistant Technical Coordination Manager for over 12 years. I am currently the Deputy Team Leader in the Project Implementation Unit for a project called Kenya Water Security and Climate Resilience Project supported by World Bank in Nairobi.

Lord’s wake up call that Inspired my song writing
I am the firstborn in a family of seven children. My mum loved singing, every evening after supper we could sit by the fireplace to sing our favourite songs from the Kalenjin Hymnbook- “Tenwogikab Kalosunet”. Each one of us would get any available local instrument to make a sweet melody to God.

In 1989 January the Lord awakened me with a song saying ‘wake up, wake up wake up, the Lord is calling you what have you done for Me’… I did not understand then what God wanted me to do. In April 2014 the Lord spoke over and gave me instructions to write quality songs that can last for a century. I commenced believing God for an intense understanding of how God’s songs would be written. Since then the Lord has empowered me to write over 150 songs 56 of these are completed and are compiled in the 21st Century Hymns. It’s categorized into hymns, Hymn for children, Israel, and prophetic songs to the Nation of Kenya and Africa. I have done six audio albums, one official video and a few lyrical videos.

Here are the 6 CDs, be free to share the lyrical videos and have Skiza tunes.
Volume 1: A Million Thanks
Volume 2: Pray for Kenya
Volume 3: A Jealous God
Volume 4: God Thunders
Volume 5: Maranatha
Volume 6: Children of God- hymns for children

You can get the songs from the website


Can get more on my YouTube Dr. Jebet Olero.

Here are the official videos for the children and a lyrical video on pray for Kenya.
Pray for Kenya By Dr. Jebet Olero (Ph.D.); 21st Century Hymns-Kingdom Intimate Worship – YouTube

Jesus Christ is Born-Dr. Jebet Olero (PhD) & KIW Kids (Official Video) – YouTube

Overview of the Project
The scope of this work is so immense and its project is in phases, after writing, the songs are edited by a team consisting of pastors and university lecturers, followed by a recording of both audio and video and then finally publishing of the hymnal. Writing solfa notations is the next phase of this process
It’s also a very costly venture, so far I have spent over 1.5 M – yet to get returns. It is a calling that I must walk at the center of God’s will and believe Him for His provision.

Vote for my 21st Century Hymns Volume 1:

  1. 4 weeks ago

    JoyHope Kang’ang’i

    Song writing. Wow. This is amazing. Keep glorifying God through song writing.


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