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My love for writing is dated back to primary school
My name is Jane Harel. My writing journey started way back in primary school. I read a lot of books in the early years and this enhanced my writing capability. Once in primary school, we wrote a composition in our exams about our President. My composition was rated the best in town. We also read a lot of poetry, and thus my love for writing in poetry escalates.

My first book is titled ‘Garment of Praise, An Anthology’. An anthology is a collection of poems put together in a book form. My second book is titled ‘Morning Dew Notebook,  a notebook where you write your thoughts or keep them as a diary. My third book is ‘Beautiful Thoughts’, An Anthology. Beautiful Thoughts is the book I have given for Acaba Awards.

The objection I faced in publishing
My publishing journey was full of challenges. I wrote my first book in 2011. The first publishing house I went to asked me what position I hold. Was I a minister or a pastor? They told me that they only published for prominent people. Well, in 2011 I was not yet a minister, but now I am an ordained minister of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I minister through my books. The second publishing house I went to after our meeting never called me back. The third publishing house agreed to print and publish. I was so overjoyed. At last! I paid tens of thousands but the book never came great. They photocopied, put a cover on the book and that was it. I lost that money.

The next one, after the initial meeting and paying in thousands never called back and never took my calls. After so much crying and praying, I shelved the book for seven years. But I never forgot that work. And I continued writing. I published my first book in 2018 and got a good print-on-demand organization. The second book was published in 2019 and the third book in 2020.

I am now writing my fourth book. This book is about bareness or infertility. This is a book about overcoming insurmountable odds in bareness. And it is also a book of hope.

You can buy my books directly from me. MorningDew Books stocks them. Find Beautiful Thoughts in Text Book Centre online shop. Happy reading!

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Now I have sold my books here, in the US, UK, and Canada.
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