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My name is Richard Mwebesa, a born again Christian and lover of the Lord. I was born and grew up in the republic of
Uganda. I am the voice of Inspiration, Author of books; Out of the Crowd and Inspired by Forty, a life Coach, Motivator, Business Development & Marketing Consultant, Mentor, Lyricist, and Poet. I am a Certified Business Professional Master Executive: I hold an MBA, seasoned marketing, business development, and sales professional with vast experience in those fields. I currently work with a leading diversified financial services group in East and Central Africa. I Earlier worked with leading brands in Uganda in the Insurance and technology space, and I do consultancy work with the Insurance Training College of Uganda (ITC). I am passionate about developing systems and unlocking the potential within others.

The summit that geared my writing
I have been an active minister for now over 20 years. I was a lead vocalist and lyricist for the award-winning music and gospel dance group Kingdom Dancers. My passion for writing started in High school where I was an active writer in the weekly school newspaper called the ‘Weekly Herald’ at Nakasongola Army Secondary School, and a publishing member of the school magazine. I always wanted to author but the resolutions you always write down every year and carry forward never happen. In the year 2019 June, I traveled for a conference in cape town, and the facilitators asked each participating candidate to pick just one task they have always wished to execute and commit to making it happen. Mine was not much to think about, It had always been writing and becoming an author. I penned it down and affirmed to myself that I would find ways to make it happen even though I honestly did not know where to start, what to write about and how to do so. My desire was so solid that it out-competed my fear of starting. I got to my knees and prayed about it for God’s counsel and direction, and also asked my Pastor to pray with me about it too. We prayed, and by his Grace, the Lord brought my way answers on how to start and a coach to guide me. However, all in all, the Holy Spirit was my counselor about what to write. I wanted a book that would impact anyone and everyone who read it, one that would minister to lives the gospel but very inspiring and exciting. In four months I had my first manuscript ready, and I had to decide on various titles, content reviewed, and my first book ‘Out of the Crowd’ was ready for publication.

Withinside of ‘Out of the Crowd’
“Out of the crowd” was birthed from the reality that the world is constantly in pursuit of the best candidates they can get in every field. It is without a doubt that today being the best is not enough, but rather outstanding people have become the new norm of pursuit. Their value is to lead and usher others into greatness. This truth got me asking questions about what things qualify one as an outstanding person? These brought me to the realization that outstanding people are indeed as regular as anyone can be. The underlying fact is that they constantly and perpetually apply specific secrets in their lives. Observing those that have stood out, one will notice constants in them, and when applied appropriately, timely, and consistently this then catapults them to grow and blossom into outstanding people. This revelation ignited me and compelled me to share these secrets and there is no better way to share than authoring a book about it. “Out of the Crowd- The ultimate guide to mastering the art of standing out” was then carefully woven into words that I believe shall provide value to anyone who invests their time to read them.

Out of the Crowd- The Ultimate guide to mastering the art of standing out. Ever thought about why some people have everything going for them while others have absolutely nothing to show for their honest and decent hard work? This book is an easy-to-read collection of valuable guidelines that reveal the secrets that define outstanding people. Inside the book are seven practical elements which are constant for outstanding people, with real-life context based on the author’s experience.

Find out why some lead and others follow, why some display perpetual greatness where others identify with mediocrity. This book is the ultimate guide to mastering how to be outstanding. Contained in its pages are:
• 3 keys to unlocking your authentic identity
• 5 character traits that define those who are outstanding
• 7 winning behaviors
• 6 initiative catalysts
• 11 pillars to enable you to stay relevant
• 2 imagination barriers and three tactics to un-cage your imagination
• 13 perseverance achievement hacks.

This book will open you up to possibilities to enable you to work towards developing your authentic identity and unique personal brand. Explore why some people stand out and soar out of the crowd to become specialist generalists, while others remain mysterious anomalies.

Inspired by Forty
One evening I was praying, and the Holy Spirit led me to compile all quotes I was using to push my book out there. Instructions were clear, compile all your quotes into a book. The title was also so clear. I did not procrastinate on that. As I started to think about how to make it happen the title clicked in my mind. “Inspired by Forty”. What about being Inspired by Forty? Lifestyle, Love, Hope, and Character. Vouler! The book was ready, layups were prepared, and pictures of nature and birds were added from an amazing photographer and work colleague. My second book was ready, a book of quotable quotes. I was not sure anyone had ever written such a book though It did not matter. I had my orders from above, it’s all that mattered.

‘Inspired by Forty’- Lifestyle, Love, Hope, and Character Quotable quotes is a book collection of 40 quotable quotes that are packed with wisdom nuggets to ignite a call to action in the reader. Words are powerful, and the right ones do not only have the power to change lives but transform them.

These words of wisdom will enable you to build the foundation to have insightful guidelines that enables you to stay on the course you choose to take. We are the captains of our own lives. Like a ship’s radar, the Inspired by forty quotable quotes shall enable the Captains to steer their lives in the direction they so choose. Easy to memorize, simple to refer to, and resoundingly exciting they are. Read and find out for yourself. Feel free to circulate the book in all your networks for someone to be blessed.
Welcome onto the ship of the insightful.

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  1. 4 weeks ago

    JoyHope Kang’ang’i

    We thank God that you had travelled to Cape town for the conference and so proud of the journey you have walked. Keep winning and transforming lives through trainings and writing.


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