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It all started in a small village
I am Reverend Hadassah Rosalind, the senior pastor of Prayer Reign International Church in Toronto, Canada. Where we Reign in life through the provision of His abundant grace through our Lord Jesus Christ as in (Romans 5:17). I hail from a small village in Nyeri County. I have decided to state like that so that I can tell you there is God in heaven who lifts men and women from a miry clay. Every time I remember where I came from, I choose to follow Jesus over and over. When I got born again, the village mates told my father that he has lost a very brilliant girl to the church, which marked the beginning of my long journey of rejection and having to stand on my own because my Father disowned me and asked me to look for another father. The decision was later reversed when I became his first child to ever score an A and get admission to the university, resulting in him introducing me to every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

My calling to writing
My journey in writing dates back to primary school, I have always been a fun of writing than speaking. I remember my sisters making fun that “Shiru ni mtu wa tunotes” because I would prefer to write to them instead of telling them what I needed. Along the way, God worked on me and I was able to stand up for myself and air my views with confidence. This one also took a journey.

I knew I was called to Internationally ministry and it was only a matter of time. Along the way, as I was attending a service normally, the preacher of the day who I can’t remember his name but his words stuck with me told us how unfortunate it is to preach abroad without a book. He went ahead and narrated how he preached a great sermon and after the service, everyone came to ask for materials to be left feeding on as he was away. He lost an opportunity of a lifetime. I took the counsel and knew I need to be prepared.

My authorship to publishing
When the time came for me to be ordained I purposed a book to be the best gift for the occasion. I labored and had the book out in less than 2 months. It was not easy but God gave me grace and the resources, the title of the book came as a shock. I thought since I am and has always been a woman of faith I will write about faith only to hear in the Spirit, “write about waiting on God”.

I knew nothing about publishing by the time I finished my first manuscript, I had the copies done at River road. Thanks for the pandemic in 2020 I did self-publishing through Tellwell publishers.
The title of my book is “WAIT ON GOD, I SAY WAIT ON GOD”. It emanates from my journey of hearing God to venture into ministry and finally being there. It never happened overnight and wasn’t without hurdles.


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