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A dream that came through
My name is Gladys Juma. A wife, mother, teacher, speaker, corporate leader, author and above all, a child of the Most High God. I knew I would write a book a long time ago way back in my primary school days. I have always been an avid reader and what fascinated me was the thought process of different authors. The level of talent and creativity in putting together content that changed lives, or that entertained, etc. particularly so because the books got read by strangers like me! I knew that I wanted to be that person. The one who would create great works that would impact those who I may never know. I, however, wasn’t clear on what to write about even though this only became clear later in life.

My passion for Finance
I am a certified accountant with several years of experience in financial management. I love making sense of numbers, and I also like impacting the lives of people. When people and numbers come together, I am in my element. Part of my corporate career experience was working with two investment banks and that’s how everything is aligned to personal finance. Furthermore, I enjoy teaching money management and it, therefore, became apparent that my books would be on money management and currently I have three published books with two more underway. “Managing Your Finances God’s Way”, my first book took about 3 years to write – on and off because of my work schedule. Also, at the time I was about to complete the manuscript, I lost my job! I did not despair even though I was very distressed. I picked myself up and rewrote it by God’s grace, using the pieces I could find.

I would love to leave a legacy

I would like to be remembered as a woman who God used to guide others in making the most of their resources as His great stewards and to enjoying God-honouring financial abundance! And through authoring this book, I hope to have achieved this noble task.

Listen to the following minute-long video by hours truly.

Testimonials such as – ‘It helps you understand your role as a steward of God’s resources. There are amazing insights on money viewed with the lens of Biblical principles. It attests to the fact that God’s divine power has given us everything for life and Godliness.’ allow me to keep going…encouraging more and impacting more through writing. A reader told me that she had never viewed Scripture in that way… And yeah, there’s a lot of wisdom on money in the Bible. A lot!

The book now has a manual by the same title to helps bring this book to life. It helps you apply the learning.

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