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I got into writing out of hunger for information
My name is Anthony Muchiri Muturi AKA Coaches. I am a born again Christian and a lover of the word of God, a disaster manager by profession, and I am passionate about water safety/rescue. On a day-to-day living, I am a businessman and enjoy the forex charts and crypto space. I believe in grounding as a way to heal the body and enjoy the great outdoors wholeheartedly. I am also an author of the book “I SET FOOT” – a book that explores the intersection between life adventures, travel, and love. Travel is often viewed solely through the lens of fun or business. The book breaks down the walls between these two and unveils how adventure, love and travel can exist in a symbiotic relationship.

I got into writing out of hunger for information on travel and missing out on Kenyan travel authors. Wherever we would be planning to travel to and dive into online reviews or just research with my co-author and beautiful wife Damaris Wambui who is an equally good storyteller and dramatic one in the relationship, We would hardly get reviews by Kenyans, and when we got them, it would be the critical side of things.

Publishing expedition
Even with the manuscripts at hand, we were so new to the industry that we needed to get a consultant to help us with self-publishing at river road printing works. After the editing process, we got down to getting the ISBN. The day we got the book registered, we found ourselves walking to the bank! Little did we know river road was waiting in earnest for us.

God first, we got a printer and even set a date for the book launch to coincide with my birthday. Planning reloaded, I Invited family and friends for a superb book launch and sold out all the 100 books, we left the launch with good money and promises to deliver books to happy clients.

Monica from Africa book club who was our able master of ceremony at the book launch with God’s divine through pass introduced us to Muthoni Mercy, and that is where the professional drama started. Muthoni with all her passion put a team together and landed on the book with all manner of edits, rewriting and even the cover page got redone.

Finally, we managed to finish the book re-edition, and we now have a book worthy of God’s gifting reflection. We were super proud of the product in our hands and the product we have become. Thanks to the great journey of self-publishing in a third-world country. God did it for us, and today we continue to celebrate His goodness!

Our mantra as a couple
Go make life an adventure. Life is an adventure, seek it out and enjoy it fully. Set foot into thrilling destinations as you discover what makes you tick. Love is the most powerful thing in the world, embrace and nurture it through travel, set out and set foot and you will nourish love. It thrives in the great outdoors. Traveling is much more than packing your bags, but it is also about opening your eyes to new horizons. When you set foot on those horizons, your mind is opened and your heart is enlarged.

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