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From reading storybooks to authoring my books
My name is Daisy Nyaga, born, bred, and partially schooled in Embu. Born to a Nurse Mom and a Tutor Dad, my love for books and reading began at an early age. Dad always brought me colourful storybooks every end Month, which greatly fueled my love for reading. As I advanced to high school, I graduated to voraciously reading fiction Novels, and Newspapers cover to cover – and yes…Dad always expected a summary of the newspaper the following evening when he got home.

Landing a lucrative job after campus and worst that transpired
Fast forward to after campus, I landed my job at the time, as a flight attendant, with KQ, armed with my Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource. Life was good for the next 7 yrs; Flying gave me lots of exposure, meeting new people, experiencing new places and cultures, Suddenly something unusual in life happened. One chilly morning, I had just landed at JKIA from Amsterdam aboard the Boeing 777 (It was the largest capacity plane at the time carrying 322Pax). On switching on my phone, I received a Company message inviting me for an Urgent meeting that very day later at 2 pm. Little did I know it would be in that meeting where I would receive my Retrenchment letter. So I dashed home to have a quick rest, before returning to the airport for the 2 pm meeting. I can assure you I didn’t sleep well, I was anxious about the urgency of the meeting. The 2 pm east African time found me back at the co. offices, where we were separated into three groups. By now, the rumours were now rife that there was a retrenchment exercise … but nobody was very sure on the criteria or timelines! The anxiety! The first manager briefed us that we would be called out in three batches, the first batch would go home, another would be redeployed and the last one would have their take-home reduced. The batches would be called in no particular order as we were told!

The nail-biting began. The room had about 400 staff that afternoon, some were pregnant or just called back from their maternity leaves, some had just landed from flights while others had been picked from their homes to report to work only to find their names missing on the login machines…they had been redirected to the meeting. The batches began being called out. The first batch was called and they stepped out to a different room, the second batch also called out to another room. By the time I was called out in the third batch, it was very clear that a game had been played on us. Our colleagues from the first and second batch have already texted us that they had been sent home, it did not need the formula to discover that we too were going home. The letter confirmed that fear ” We are sorry to inform you that your services will no longer be required effective today 4th Sept 2012″.

I felt a rush of blood leaving my brains, mixed with the 8-hour flight jetlag, and a headache fueled by all the anxiety! Now I look back and laugh, but that day tears flowed freely…The shock, the disappointment, the anger! Couldn’t they wait for us to rest for a day or even give us a 1-month notice?

After suffering a setback the worst awaits!
I thought that was the worst day of my life! But life was waiting for me with two open arms. From my comfortable life to what was waiting out there. I suffered for the next 2-3 years:
~With no income, trying to find a footing out there
~I had to scale down my lifestyle to levels I would have never imagined for myself
~ I lost Friends who I thought would stand by me or at least ease the struggles
~My then Marriage was highly strained, and eventually fell apart
~ I accumulated debts that took me another 2 yrs to clear.

Through the struggles, I got the inspiration for my Book ‘Beyond 8 to 5 – Critical Lessons by a Retrenchee’. In it I have shared the 5 lessons I want every employee to learn; I speak and inspire everyone to always have a Fall Back Plan for their lives.
Today I Stand to Testify that I have seen God’s Faithfulness through all the struggles. He has healed me and has continued to Restore Me, I currently head operations at a Credit firm, Bridges Credit.
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